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New Products October 2011

The WirieAP

Long Distance Marine Grade WiFi Solution for Boats with Built in Access Point.

Island Consulting Inc. launched their new long distance marine grade WiFi product The WirieAP. The WirieAP contains a local access point, allowing all WiFi enabled devices on the boat to share the internet connection. No USB cables, Ethernet cables or software for the computer are required and a simple user interface manages both the onboard network and the long-range internet connection.  Like the original Wirie, The WirieAP is built with high quality marine grade components. The WirieAP functions as an onboard router as well as a long range WiFi booster.

For information, visit:

Abordage Museum Quality Ship Models

To commemorate Bertram's and Hatteras' 50th Anniversaries, Abordage, the famous model makers, have built two exclusively designed desk sized models. Each model is mounted in a Plexiglas case. With a great devotion to both the sea and sailing, Abordage has been producing beautifully handcrafted ship models, either classic or modern ships, since the Company’s inception in 1989. Each model is crafted with the finest material and perfect in every detail. The addition of the classic sports fishing boats to the Abordage fleet brings the number of models built for satisfied customers around the world to over 3000.
To view the full line of handcrafted models, visit: Email:  Tel: 877. 779. 0114

ECHOTec watermaker offers energy saving post-treatment as a standard feature

Water from any reverse osmosis (RO) watermaker is extremely pure, has little salt content, and is very soft and acidic due to the removal of alkaline mineral constituents of the seawater. Therefore, similar to rainwater, using RO product requires significantly more freshwater to rinse off soap, shampoo and other detergents.

The newly developed post treatment system returns some hardness to the water to combat this problem. Rather than incorporating finicky and maintenance intensive energy recovery pumps to increase energy efficiency at the cost of reliability and increased purchase price, ECHOTec is the first watermaker manufacturer to offer a practical, low maintenance solution that saves up to 50% fresh water by improving the RO product quality.

The ECHOTec post treatment element also contains a mixture of minerals that returns bicarbonate alkalinity, correcting pH only enough to reach a neutral equilibrium. This dramatically reduces corrosion on plumbing due to acidic product water.

As the water is slightly re-mineralized, this will also improve the taste of the product water.

For more information visit

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