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The Latest in Antifouling Paint

Autumn is bottom paint season in the Caribbean as recreational boaters get ready to re-launch boats pulled out during hurricane season and charter yachts gear up for winter season guests.  All at Sea checked in with major paint purveyors to find out what’s new this year—in their own words:


“A long lasting Self Polishing Copolymer with Biolux® formulated to provide a level of antifouling protection not previously available in any paint. Provides the best antifouling performance in the harshest fouling conditions for two years and beyond, it polishes and becomes smoother with use, reducing drag and fuel consumption. It can be hauled and re-launched without recoating and the polishing action reduces build-up and minimizes sanding at reapplication. Maximum protection even during stationary periods at the dock or mooring.  
Key features:
• Based on unique Biolux® SPC technology, it is proven to give levels of antifouling protection equal to or better than TBT antifoulings, ensuring your hull remains free from fouling for longer;
• Lasts for two seasons and beyond allowing flexibility in maintenance schedules;
• Delivers a controlled, sustained biocide release throughout the lifetime of the paint, giving effective antifouling protection—even throughout prolonged periods of inactivity;
• Constantly smoothes to an exceptionally low friction finish that minimizes drag for maximum speed & fuel efficiency;
• Free of TBT, it doesn’t contribute to the negative environmental impact of TBT antifoulings and provides freedom of movement world-wide.”


“Vivid Caribe is the latest bottom paint introduction from Pettit—a hard ablative coating specifically formulated for Caribbean waters, contains Cuprous Thiocyanate and Zinc Omadine. This combination produces a fast slick bottom that is highly effective even in extreme fouling conditions.  Look for it at your local chandlery or boat yard in the Bahamas and Caribbean, except U.S. Territories. 
Pettit Professional Coatings bottom paint has been available in the Caribbean for several years, a select group of high performing antifoulings widely accepted by professional boat yards throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean.  Trinidad Pro is a dual biocide version of Pettit’s popular hard-modified epoxy antifouling and contains 70% cuprous oxide and a secondary biocide, Irgarol.  This combination is very effective at controlling both hard shell and soft vegetative growth. A companion product, Ultima Pro, provides the same heavy-duty antifouling performance but in an ablative formula. Ultima Pro contains 60% cuprous oxide plus Irgarol. It is an effective antifouling that can be hauled and re-launched without losing its antifouling properties.
Pettit’s Vivid has proven to afford excellent antifouling properties in the Caribbean waters. Available in six bright colors, including a clean bright white, Vivid dries to more of an eggshell finish rather than the typical flat. An added feature of Vivid is that it applies smoothly resulting in a fast-performing bottom paint. Suitable for power or sailboats, Vivid allows for haul out and re-launching without losing antifouling effectiveness. For a reliable antifouling with a smooth slick bottom and a wide choice of colors, Vivid is an excellent choice.”

Sea Hawk

“Islands 77 Plus was developed as an equivalent alternative to tin-based antifouling paints to protect against the harshest marine environments. Using the newest biocide technology, a revolutionary polymer binder system produces an engineered biocide release that leaves no harmful effects on the environment. The result is a multi-season self-polishing paint that provides equivalent protection to TBT formulas. Independent tests in Tortola and St. Maarten confirmed that Islands 77 Plus is the top performing TBT-Free antifoulant on the market. Unlike competitive brands, Islands 77 Plus performs in salt, brackish, and fresh water. This product is compatible with other brands, and may be applied directly over most antifoulants without any additional steps (see Sea Hawk Compatibility Chart). Islands 77 Plus is Lloyd’s Registry approved and is backed by a full one year written warranty against barnacle growth.”


“The Seajet Yacht Paints brand is owned and managed by Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd, world leader in commercial shipping. Seajet branded products are marketed specifically for the marine leisure market and are now universally recognized for their performance and long-term reliability. Amongst our newest products, Seajet 039 Platinum is a self-polishing, two-pack antifouling that has been thoroughly tested in a wide range of different water conditions and temperatures, worldwide.  Boat owners have found the level of fouling protection available from Seajet Platinum to have been so good that highest comparisons even with TBT antifouling (now banned) from the past have been made.  Seajet 039 Platinum is very easy to apply. Simply mix the right amount of component B (copper component) with the base, ensuring the Cupreous Oxide element is always fresh and active, which contributes to an ultimate antifouling performance.”


“SurfaceLock SHC-500 offers state-of-the-art technology for a smooth hardwearing and extremely low-friction finish that is non-toxic and non-polluting.  While most traditional anti-fouling paints are so called “ablative” coatings, they rely on their toxicity (tin, copper and tributyltin) to remain free of growth.  SurfaceLock SHC-500 non-toxic – Fouling Release Hull Coating simply creates a non-ablative surface to which organisms cannot adhere to and therefore classified as a fouling release.  This approach to the problem of maintaining a clean hull is by far one of the most environmentally friendly on the market today.  SurfaceLock SHC-500 represents one of the most efficient and hardwearing high-performance bottom coatings on the international market, an excellent solution suitable for small pleasure crafts to large container vessels and for those who put the emphasis on speed, economy (maintenance costs) or the environment.  The durability of the paint means that periods between recoating are extended. SHC-500 withstands harsh conditions up to ten years.  Routine maintenance is accomplished quickly with a minimum of effort. SHC-500 Fluorinated  “Fouling Release” Hull Coating is an inert topcoat designed for full immersion service to overcoat virtually any surface and make it highly resistant to moisture and oxygen permeation, corrosion and chemical attack, UV breakdown and abrasion.
SurfaceLock also offers a range of topcoats for use above the water line that combine many of the qualities of SurfaceLock SHC-500.”

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