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Stealth 6.5 Boat Review

What do you get when you mix a luxury yacht manufacturer with a design team focused on building racing boats?

Liquid Adrenaline!

In August, the team from Voyage Yachts invited All At Sea to test their new cutting edge 6.5 Meter Stealth HYSUCAT (Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran).The logic is that they take everything that we have grown to love about the power cats and added a hydrofoil system to it creating one of the most technologically advanced systems that we have found at a very affordable price.

Our results from the sea trial demonstrated fuel efficiency and unbelievable speed with a ride that was exceptionally comfortable.  To top it off, all of this was in conditions of 3 – 4 foot seas.  Here is the raw data:

- Distance Covered: 11.8 nautical miles (13.58 miles)

- Maximum Speed: 33.1 knots (38.396 mph)

- Average Speed: 20.1 knots (23.316 mph)

- Overall Average Speed: 18.2 knots (21.112 mph)

- Fuel Utilized: 3.6 gallons total

- Fuel Efficiency: 3.77 miles per gallon

The boat acts like any other boat under 12 knots but above that speed, the hydrofoil becomes a factor.  It actually handled the seas better the faster that we went.What was more important to me was that we were able to handle the seas comfortably and without any loss of control. The bow remained flat without digging in and the stern did not hop when entering back in the water.  This is quite uncommon in a boat of this length.

Voyage Yachts claims 40% efficiency directly attributed to the Hydrofoil technology.You do the math, compare your stats for your boat to the stats that we have offered here.  How does your system score?

No one can argue the cushioning effect a catamaran has on seas versus a monohull.However, turning a catamaran at speed always left something to be desired as most tend to fall away in the turn.We did not find this statement to be true as this boat tended to bank well into the turn without a feeling of skipping out. 

There were two things that we thought were missing.  In the Caribbean, we all need the ability to get out of the sun and the model that we tested did not allow for this.In addition, we felt the need for more storage, such as bumpers, gear etc.   Voyage Yachts quickly mentioned that the boat was configurable for custom storage and that a T-Top model is available. 

Voyage Yachts is looking for other dealers in the Caribbean.  Take a moment to see if this is the boat for you and contact them with your interest.

Boat Test Stats:


- Catamarran
- HYSUCAT (Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran)
- Semi Rigid Inflatable
- Length: 6.5 Meters

Engine Stats:
- Make Twin Evinrude 60
- Shaft Length 20”

Contact Information:
VOYAGE Charters International
Tom Batron
(284) 494-0740

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