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New Products from November 2011


Time is of the essence in an emergency, so quickly finding and mounting a spare VHF antenna can make all the difference.  The 5910 Emergency Stowable Antenna from Shakespeare Electronic Products Group is easy to spot, grab, and connect, helping save valuable minutes.

A nine-inch bright yellow, metal tube helps protect the antenna during storage and becomes part of the mounting system. It hangs neatly on a bulkhead, or wherever it's accessible yet out of the way.  Pre-installing the included mounting clip helps prepare the antenna for use.  In an emergency, the user simply removes the cable and flexible whip from the tube, mounts the antenna securely on top, and then slides the tube onto the mounting clip.  After assembly, the antenna is 16in long.

The dependable VHF whip comes with 20' of RG-174 mini coax cable and a pre-installed PL-259 connector.  The Shakespeare 5910 Emergency Stowable Antenna is backed by a two year warranty.

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Nothing can be more annoying than trying to undue a seized snap or zipper and have it come away in your hand. That can often happen when snaps and zippers suffer from the corroding effects of rain, dirt and grime, resulting in a mechanism that either sticks or rips the surrounding canvas or plastic. Shurhold's Snap-Stick’s water-resistant lubricant helps prevent those minor battles with a quick dab.

Offered in a handy twist-tube, non-toxic Snap-Stick is easy to apply.  Users apply to one side of the zipper or snap.  Then, they close or zip to apply to the other side.  Protection from corrosion lasts up to three months with a single application.  Unlike liquid or spray lubricants that drip, Snap-Stick won't harm gelcoat, clear coat, upholstery or fabric.

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