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News From Grenada - May 05

Clarkes Court Bay Marina is ready for the new season

Grenada is still an unlikely target for another hurricane for many years to come, but ‘Ivan’ has made it clear that we must always be prepared for the worst. We at Clarkes Court Bay marina are no exception, and we have made changes and put procedures in place to minimize potential damage in the event of a future threat.

Significant design changes to our dock system have been made that will make it more secure under exceptionally severe conditions. Specifically, we have reduced the length of the two main docks by 80 feet so that they are shorter and, as such, will carry less tonnage. We are installing a third main dock to make up the capacity.

In addition, we have tripled the effectiveness of the anchoring system in order to minimize potential drag in the event of hurricane-force winds and currents. Some movement is desirable, however, and our floating dock technology was instrumental in preventing more severe damage to hulls often caused by fixed structures.

Vessels must be secured to docks using new rope not less than 5/8”, with double tie-lines. During long-term storage, foresails must be removed and stored. Biminis will be taken down at owners’ expense if there is a major storm threat.

As in past years, we look forward to welcoming those customers who wish to keep their boats in Clarkes Court Bay Marina during the July to November months.

Contact: Bernard O. Blanc (BOB), Tel: (473) 439-2593 or e-mail: [email protected]

Spice Island Marine Services, St George’s, Grenada would also like to advise yacht owners who are looking for hurricane storage for the upcoming season that revised storage methods will now be put into effect.

All sails must be taken down and stowed by the owners upon hauling. Biminis can be left up but should a storm warning be issued they will be removed (and replaced) at owners’ expense. The bimini will remain down until launching. Masts should be removed and securely stored. Boats that have removed their mast will be stored separately to those that have not.

The chocks on monohulls, which are up for long-term storage, will have the bottoms welded together with steel pipes and the tops shall be chained together. Boats stands will be placed 2 per 10ft. If extra stands are requested by owners, there will be an additional charge.

A cradle system will be in effect for the new hurricane season. Boats which choose to use this new system will be stored separately to those that do not.

Catamarans and Monohulls will be stored separately.

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