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Through the night

On Saturday January 6, the third edition of the ‘Ronde de Nuit’ was held on the bay of Fort de France, organized by Anthony, under the guidance of the Club Nautique de Neptune. This regatta, as its name suggests, takes place during the night, giving competitors the chance to show off the complete mastery of their boats.

After a 5.30 p.m. departure in light winds, a squall woke up crews of the 20 competing boats, chilling them for the first downwind spinnaker leg. Wind speed changed in a few minutes from 6 to 35 knots, giving some skippers reason to perform some noticeably freestyle maneuvers. Of note was the magnificent capsize of the new Surprise Studio 10 /Le Ponton with a crew of young adolescents who dug themselves out in good humor. A little lower down, the B28 ASCEE also dried its keel after an audacious turnover, while others took a broader reach, passing 16 knots. The 5.5m J Auguste 1st, less lucky, lost its mast as the rigging was unable to cope with the wind.

The squall passed with nightfall, and the rest of the regatta took place in light winds, around 10 knots. The only regret was that the wind did not rise until the arrival of the last boat, depriving the competitors of a clear view of their rivals, but allowing them to concentrate on working their boats, whose feeling was heightened by the absence of light. At the arrival, a warm ‘spread’ awaited competitors, accompanied by the traditional ‘Galette des Rois’. After a thorough meeting about times and ratings, the Race President, M Claude Vatran was able to determine final positions.
In the general class, 1st place went to the unbeatable Surprise GFA Caraibes, skippered by G. Corlay, the young and talented Surprise W.I.N.D, skippered by G.Bouvard and the Delph 28 Agoue, skippered by V. Saintenoy.
In Class 1, Effer Vecence, skippered by H.Legall, took first place, followed by Big In, skippered by E.Pinto and Aliza, skippered by P.Surville.  

Worthy of note was the participation of the 747 OD Aliza and the First 30 Oxygene, both recently purchased by dynamic young sailors, to whom we wish a great number of good regattas. Also to thank are companies such as La Survy, Clipper Ship, Sea Service and others, without whom this regatta would not have been able to reach such a level.

Women’s Regatta

Organized by the Yacht Club under the guidance of the League, with the partnership of the Conseil Regional, the second edition of the women’s regatta (Coupe Feminine) brought together over a hundred participants in 17 boats on January 14. One man was authorized to be aboard, on the condition that he be the owner of the boat, as long as he wasn’t at the helm. The course, some 10 nautical miles in length, stretched around Fort de France Bay, with a departure in Anse Mitan and an arrival in front of Fort Royal.

The wind conditions were strong, with several gusts above 30 knots and with passing squalls. But the crews on the water showed their mastery, since there was no negative incident to report, apart from the collision between the Surprise Studio 10/Le Ponton and the starboard side of ADSL, without any major damage.

Like last year, the crew of Agoue, skippered by Jackie Saintenoy, took first place. Two special prizes were also offered by the Conseil Regional to the Tempest Caraibe Import and the Surprise Studio 10/Le Ponton, as well as the Yole Cap Kreole, skippered by Regine Alleb, whose participation was a first for this regatta, leaving a bright future to be looked forward to with the mixture between traditional and modern boats.

1st: Agoue, Jackie Saintenoy
2nd: Caraibe Import, Catherine Elisabeth
3rd: Van dan Vwell, Claude Monsorot

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