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St. Lucia Nicks J24 Honors at Carriacou Sailing Series

November’s Carriacou Sailing Series, organized by the Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association, received a rave review by St Lucia Yacht Clubs Sailing Captain, Nick Forsberg. No surprise there. After all, he did finish first!

Two J24s flew the flag for St Lucia, Nick and crew on Jabal (a strange name for a boat) and Loose Cannon skippered by the effervescent Frank Capers.

“The conditions were marvelous,” said Nick. “Perfect weather for sailing!”

The three-day, six race series saw Forsberg and Jabal showing a clean keel to the fleet of six J24s four times, plus one third and a fourth.

Loose Cannon took two seconds, three fifths and a third to finish a well-placed third. St Lucia provided two of the six entries, with a further two from Grenada and one each from Trinidad and Carriacou.

Frank Capers had this to say: “It’s Nick’s and my third time at the series and it’s always a delight to be here. The courses are designed to get the best from the boats and crews—a great event.”

Originally from Sweden, Forsberg has spent the past 12 years in St Lucia and I asked him what was next on his sailing agenda: “It has to be St Lucia Yacht Club’s Christmas Sailing Festival. Owing to work commitments we could only take part in the final day, this year, hopefully it will be different.”

Forsberg mentioned how grateful he was to the involvement of the Bank of St Lucia, who sponsored his sails. It’s not a guarantee he’d win but a good performance—yep, you can take that to the bank!


Boat name       R1       R2       R3       R4       R5       R6       Pt         o/all

Jabal               4          3          1          1          1          1          11        1

Loose Canon   5          2          2          5          5          3          22        3

Blew by you     3          5          3          4          4          4          23        4

Tempest           1          (7)        6          6          2          6          27        6

Jahaji Bhai      2          4          4          3          3          2          18        2

Hoic                6          1          5          2          6          5          25        5

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