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Yacht Club News - Feb 07


On 14th December 2006 Antigua Yacht Club held its Annual General Meeting and dinner, attended by about 60 members.  Reports were presented by the current flag officers.  Jerry Bardoe was re-elected Commodore and Elizabeth Jordan, Vice-commodore.  New to the Committee but a past Fleet Captain, Frank Pierce, was elected Rear-commodore.  John Duffy remained as Fleet Captain and Tony Williams moved from Treasurer to Dinghy Fleet Captain.

At a special meeting of Members in 2005, the Club agreed to dredge the area of water in front of its dock.   Gradual silting had reduced the amount of depth, preventing some yachts with deep drafts from using the facility; spoil could be used to reclaim some of the land in front of the club to increase the Club’s land area and enable dinghies and other small craft to be launched more easily.

Once plans were drawn and permissions obtained, work started in July 2006.  Plastic shuttering was piled into the seabed to form a coffer dam behind which the dredged spoil would be dumped. Once dredging was complete it was apparent that more spoil would have to be shipped in by truck to fill the area to the required level, and a board walk was needed at the perimeter of the newly reclaimed land.  Topsoil will be laid and the area grassed. Despite these unforeseen additions, the increase in cost was only about 15% over budget and well within the financial capability of the Club.

Apart from an area for dinghies, the land is intended to be used for functions and marquees.  As this work was completed, a charging system was introduced for members berthing at the Club’s dock; Income from the dock to go into a fund for a new club house.
Report courtesy of John Duffy, Fleet Captain

St. Thomas

For the 34th St. Thomas Yacht Club’s Rolex regatta coming up March 23 – 25, 65 ft Bruce Farr design yachts will be available for charter through OnDeck. After the company’s fleet of four racing yachts raced the UK summer circuit, the Farrs completed a Trans-Atlantic race from Portugal to Barbados and returned to St Thomas.  For information on chartering:, and for details on the International Rolex Regatta:

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