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Paint Manufacturers - Put the Tributyl-tin containing Antifoulings To Bed

Interlux, a world leader in antifoulings, says it’s surprised to find companies are still promoting the harmful organotin compound for use in and on American waters. Prompted by such irresponsible activities, the company issues the following update & advice:

On September 17, 2008 the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships (“AFS Treaty”) was enacted on a global basis (for all countries that have ratified the treaty), banning the presence of Tributyl-tin (“TBT”) on boats. While ratification by the US Congress is still due, this global ban does affect many American boat owners.

Key Facts:

Considerations for American Boaters


But Do:

The AFS Treaty covers all ships regardless of size but in order to ensure compliance to the treaty only ships over 400 gross tonnage will be
required to carry a Certificate showing the current coating is in compliance with the treaty. Ships greater than 24 meters but less than 400 gross
tonnage shall be required to carry a Declaration signed by the owner along with an appropriate document such as a paint receipt to show

To fully understand the treaty you can obtain a copy of the AFS treaty from IMO or it can been seen and downloaded on the web site, or

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