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Calling ALL Marine Businesses - The Caribbean Marine Association Revamped

The Caribbean Marine Association (CMA), held its second Annual General Meeting at Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia on June 23rd, 2011. The meeting was held with the financial support of the Centre for Development Enterprise (CDE), under a wider project to the CMA “Capacity Building of the Caribbean Marine Association for Policy Dialogue and Promotion of the Sector Towards the Goals of Many Islands, One Sea”

The CMA is the regional association representing the voice of the national marine trade associations throughout the Caribbean. At present, there are eight national member associations in the CMA. The main objective of the CMA is to promote and protect the interests of the recreational marine industry throughout the Caribbean region. Priorities include: increasing awareness of the industry, harmonization of legal and regulatory frameworks, protecting the marine environment, enhancing visitor safety and fostering harmonious cooperation between member countries and their governments

Immediate Past President, Hon. Keats Compton advised those present that the CMA welcomed the support of the CDE to re-invigorate the organization. The CMA was first launched in 2005 with two years of steady activity. Despite active progress made by the CMA in that time, due to financial and human constraints, the CMA became dormant in 2009.

At this meeting, the several areas of priority for the CMA in the immediate to long term were identified:

Utilisation of surveys and statistics for lobbying and advocacy to Governments and key Regional organisations on:

The new Board of Directors, representing each Member Marine Trades organisation of the CMA were appointed to serve for a period of three years, to 2014:

For the initial six months under the new Board directorate, the CMA Secretariat will be hosted by the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association.

For more information on the Caribbean Marine Association, visit the website at:

Or contact CMA President John Duffy at:

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