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A Championship Full of Surprises

The Cruisers Championship of Martinique wound up on the 16th of June at the end of the ninth leg, a series that had its start on November 18, 2006. Madinina Wear won by a considerable distance, nine points ahead of ACMS in the Racing Class, where only seven boats were registered. The Racing Cruising Class, which was more packed, saw victory for GFA Caraibes, who edged outWind by a solitary point.

The dismasting of Figueres Services after the fourth leg left the field open for ACMS and Ascee Equipment to battle it out for the podium behind Madinina Wear, who was almost untouchable. Nevertheless, it was necessary to wait until the final leg to separate them. It was the sustained breeze that allowed ACMS to edge out Ascee Dee, the latter being unable to compete with so much sail carried.

In the Racing Cruising Class, a bad judgment on course instructions was the basis of a rumor that affected the final legs. All the Surprise crews thought that the worst two legs were ‘thrown out’ for the final standings. In fact, only one leg was withdrawn.  The mistake targeted, in these circumstances, Clippers Ship which could have won the championship with two throw outs but was no longer in Martinique. After a long period studying the provisional standings after the 8th leg, the conclusion was as follows: the standings for the 9th leg for the top three would constitute the overall standings for the championship, as long as the number of points was close. But as soon as Claude Vatran, the race officer, put up the final standings, everyone could see the error.

Thus, despite a final leg led from start to finish, Clippers Ship could only chalk up third place, with the honors going to the veteran Gerard Corlan on GFA Caraibes, followed by the passionate youngsters on Wind. It should be pointed out that Agoue, a podium regular in the Martinique Championships was the winning ‘Non-Surprise’, in fourth place.

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