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Wahoo! Captain Tom wins Bara Bonanza as Bruce Hackshaw loses a bet!

Anyone who was anyone in St Lucia’s angling elite was there—a sort of fishy Ascot—Bernard Johnson (of course), Milton McKenzie, Tony Windsor, Bruce Hackshaw, there was even an appearance from the mayor of Monchy!

Yes, piscatorial patrons went for July’s Bara Bonanza hook, line and sinker.

First place—and $1,000—went to captain Tom of Exodus with 157lbs, mostly wahoo. Apparently the good captain had happened upon a ‘jamb’ where, rumour has it, the wahoo were enjoying a quiet weekend doing whatever wahoo do under a jamb.

Up came the Exodus, with its two new engines, and it was a case of ‘oh dear’ for the wahoo.

Further down the order were Rocky Bluff with 83lbs; Grey Ghost with 80lbs; Xiphius Seeker with 67lbs; and Hack Attack with 51lbs.

Organized by the St Lucia Game Fishing Association (SLGFA) it was their first event since a shake up in the committee.

“We hope to hold an event every month,” said SLGFA’s vice president Milton McKenzie, “would you like to buy a membership it’s only $50?”

They’re on a bit of a sales drive, what with the upcoming October Billfish Tournament and all.

McKenzie took charge of the weigh-in, behind Le Chalet. The individual boat’s catch was weighed and . . . kept secret. “If anglers know a competitors weight they won’t weigh in,” said McKenzie, “they get a little embarrassed.”

A cunning ploy, keeping it secret and all, especially when the gregarious Bruce Hackshaw bet him $100 he had the winning weight—he didn’t—but McKenzie could already have told him that!

Xiphius Seeker had the biggest snapper I’d seen for a long time, at 15lb it fed half a dozen of us at Rodney Bay’s Grill ’n Chill for a couple of hours.

The tournament was organized by Geoffrey DuBoulay, the former president of SLGFA, he was also responsible for the the prize money and the $1000 donation to the Game Fishing Association which will be used to fund future events.

All in all, a great day out, even taking into account the inclement weather.

As the rain, whipped by 50 knot winds, lashed against the Xiphius Seeker’s hull, owner Tony Windsor looked around and said: “You know Brucie, this reminds me of a film.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, Outdoor Adventures?”

“No, The Perfect Storm!”

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