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New England Ropes Introduces Endura Braid Classic

Endura Braid Classic Offers Classic Boats Superior Performance with a Traditional Design

The perfect compliment for the traditional vessel,  Endura Classic has a specially engineered 12-strand Dyneema® SK75 core with Marine-Tech coating along with a 24 carrier braided polyester cover which is available in a classic color. 

All New England Ropes Endura Braid products were developed in conjunction with leading riggers worldwide and tested in the harshest of conditions and it surpassed the standards of performance time and again.  Size for size, our entire Endura Braid line which includes Endura Classic outperforms any other UHMWPE line.  It has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, has very low stretch, little creep, outstanding durability and its coated braided core is ideal for durable, tapered sheets and halyards.

Product Applications: All running rigging requiring a durable, low stretch, lightweight line, such as sheets, halyards, guys, topping lifts, reef lines, or low-stretch control lines.

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