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Guadeloupe's Traditional Boat Championship

The two first legs of the Guadeloupe Traditional boat championship were characterized both by the mixture of participants and the great variation of weather conditions.

5 February – First leg: Terre de Haut (Les Saintes)
A brisk wind and choppy sea unveiled the first edition of this regatta in the magnificent Baie des Saintes. In these difficult sailing conditions only 10 participants, out of 25 registered, managed to cross the start line on time. Two boats did not start, six crews had to abandon due to a broken mast or boom, and seven others arrived outside the prescribed time. In these extreme conditions, Sonje, owned by Abel Magloire, grappled most effectively with the conditions, while the Saintois Calin du Matin and La Philo were troubled by the resurgence of Jean Forbin on L’Arme Fatale, which finished third.

25 February – Second leg: Vieux-Fort (Basse Terre)
In contrast to the leg at the Saints, 30 participants battled it out in gusts followed by periods of calm, on more tranquil waters. This leg involved a departure from Anse Dupuy, following a series of buoys off Basse-Terre to arrive at Vieux-Fort before returning to Anse Dupuy. This second leg allowed some good duels in the offing for the remaining three regattas (the Championship is made up of five legs), since three traditional boats, La Philo, Sonje and L’arme fatale were once again on the podium.

Positions after two legs:

First Leg:

  1. Sonjé, Abel Magloire.
  2. Câlin du matin, Alain Dabriou.
  3. L’arme Fatale, Jean Forbin.
  4. La Philo, Philippe Petit.
  5. Gren Kafé, Mathieu Forbin.

Second Leg:

  1. La Philo, Philippe Petit.
  2. Sonjé, Abel Magloire.
  3. L’arme Fatale, Jean Forbin
  4. Y Ja La, Patrick Forbin.
  5. KFC, Olivier Mathurin.
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